We are always available to give free information and formation sessions in dioceses. If you are interested, please contact us at 514-334-5521.

Upcoming formation sessions:  Spring  2017 in Montreal


This formation can be of interest to a variety of publics:

  •      People who do not know Little Hearts Playgroup or know little about it will discover the philosophy of this new evangelization path for young families, while becoming accustomed to its all-inclusive resources.
  •      People looking to motivate volunteers to facilitate Little Hearts Playgroup in their area can invite people likely to help them: this is a very effective means to create interest!
  •      Those who already have the resources but have never received formation will discover, in just a few hours, everything regarding facilitation, setting and other specific features of this parent-child activity. They can ask questions and receive advice. 


Formation content :

  • You will discover the philosophy, objectives, resources and themes of Little Hearts Playgroup, along with the information you need to introduce the program in your parish.
  • The creators of the program will lead you through a Little Hearts Playgroup session, enabling you to understand its distinctive features.
  • You will better understand :

o   Why young families are so enthusiastic about this program;

o   How the program manages to reach out to parents in the midst of their daily life and faith life; 

o   What key conditions will guarantee your success in introducing the program in your area;

       o   Why participating parents are more open to subsequent faith formation programs. 

The team will be happy to answer all your questions! 


To register

Contact Christiane Boulva

Please give the following information:

  •   Your name, and your parish or diocese
  •   The number of people joining you
  •   Your phone number, postal address, and email address 
  •   Thank you for indicating if you already have our animation kit